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Another Feature Wrapped!

By July 29, 2014December 21st, 2016News

I have never sweat so profusely in my entire life while not working out.

Blame it on the Bikram yoga, as they say.  When my body senses a rising temperature, it thinks that a 90-minute torture session in a 104 degree room is imminent.  It’s a great reaction to have when one IS in a 90-minute torture session in a 104 degree room; it is not so great when one is in attendance of a fictional wedding in a Northridge living room.  The wonderful 70s-era dress I was wearing was very unfortunately made of polyester, making matters worse.  I had to try to pull the fabric away from my completely soaked body between takes so that the sweat wouldn’t saturate the dress and show on camera.  It was gross.

On a positive (and dry) note, this shooting experience was fantastic!  I finally got to work with former classmate and incredibly talented actor Mykel Shannon Jenkins, who also wrote and directed this film.  I got to play bestie to the phenomenally talented and drop-dead gorgeous former classmate Stefania Spampinato. And, I get to be in a bad ass film with lots of guns.  Yessssssss!