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Wait Until Dark Goes Dark

By November 11, 2014January 27th, 2017News

I am experiencing the “post-partem” already.  Our short run of Wait Until Dark with the Surf City Theatre Company  is over.  What am I going to do with the space in my brain that can now forget the 80+ pages of dialogue?  This part was my biggest challenge to-date between the sheer amount of material paired with the 1960s period, and of course, acting blindness for the first time.  I learned so much and am so excited to have this one as a notch in my belt!

I guess I no longer have a place in my life for these creepy ass contact lenses anymore.  I practiced a lot around my house doing chores with these puppies on and in the dark, which blocked my vision completely, so I could practice the behavior I had learned on my days observing at the Braille Institute.  That’s right, I went Method on this bitch.