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Lesson Learned – I Booked Another Feature!

By March 21, 2014March 29th, 2017News

Lesson learned:  Shut your pie hole and tape the audition.

So, in February, I get a group email from the fabulous Tamela D’Amico saying that she’s working a film that lost their lead, and that she recommended a few actresses she knew for the part and the sides were attached to submit a self-taped audition in the next 72 hours.  I read these sides, immediately dismissed myself as completely wrong for the role, and then thought, well, if Tamela thinks I can do it, it’s worth a try. I put myself on tape, and, no word…

…until this week!  I received an email to call the director, and, I was NOT cast as the role that I self-taped for, but I have been cast in the film as a big supporting role, the lead detective on the case!  Apparently, I have the most lines of the whole film (hashtag nbd). I have done these characters in class and really enjoy working on my tough side (mostly since I’m such a pushover in real life), so I can’t WAIT to get this kind of character on camera for my reel.