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2012 missed updates!

By March 16, 2013March 29th, 2017News

So, I logged in to administer my website to add my new commercial reel and realized it has been WAY too long since I’ve posted anything…February of LAST YEAR?!!  Yikes.

(A new headshot———————————>)Commercial Headshot

Here are some highlights! Click the links for more info!

  •  Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol – A huge growth experience for me as an actor, and an immensely rewarding journey from start to finish.
  • Mother’s Day – This is a wonderful little film (tearjerker alert!) that really ended up being totally worth the $160 parking ticket I received while I was at the callback! Such a great project!
  • Anniversary – I was hired for this film by director Curt Apduhan, whom I had worked with on my Blue Cross/Blue Shield commercial last year.  This film was his passion project with his friend, write Mary DeRosa Hughes., which I felt very lucky to be a part of. This was my most challenging role to-date on film! Don’t worry, it’s a PG-13 stripper…more clothing than most of my Nuggets Dancer gigs!
  • And Puppy Makes Three – Hilarious documentary about how dog owners these days treat our dogs like children…featuring my partner Stephen Lease and Bosley, our son dog.  Created by my brilliant friend Jenny Meier.
  • Sammy Kingsford: Manager to the Stars – All I can say is, “What fun!!!”  This is a webseries created by (and starring) the wonderful Rick Simone.
  • The Hub – These ladies are GOING PLACES!  I was overjoyed to get to be a part of this webseries, which is not yet released.  I was at the first performance of this creation by Katie O’Brien and Claire Gerety-Mott (the show’s creators and stars) in my acting class.
  • Thanks to my kickass commercial agent, Tag Models, I auditioned a TON this year for commercials.  Lots of callbacks, and I booked a Blue Buffalo spot, a spot for Bank of the Ozarks, and a spot!
  • I also joined an improv group this year, Barney 5! We have an ongoing show monthly at the Neon Venus theatre on Melrose.